About Me

About Mehrdad Fakher: Mehrdad Fakher is an entrepreneur, founder, chairman of the board of directors of Fakher Holding, and the CEO of Tipax. He was born in June 1984 in Tehran. His father is the founder of Tipax, and his mother is an entrepreneur in the post industry and logistic services. With his father's decision, Fakher moved to England and received his primary education at Aldenham and Warminster schools. Having finished high school, to create a new path in his family business, Mehrdad Fakher began to study business management at Adamson University in England in 2002 after returning to Iran and completing his master's degree, Ph.D. Upon returning to Iran, he took over the management of Tipax's branches in Tehran to evolve Tipax by the benefit of leading-edge knowledge and relying on what he had learned from logistics. The year 2017 was a year of change, digital transformation, and business development based on technology for Mehrdad Fakher. He formulated a new strategy for Tipax this year and made a big difference in this well-known company. To do this, he designed software called Jet, which today regulates Tipax's entire process. In addition to Tipax, Mehrdad Fakher set up other sister companies to complete his logistic supply chain. In 2016, with the launch of Fakher Holding, he also endeavored to expand his business with new ideas into industries such as furniture, information technology, online platforms, and garment.  

دکتر مهرداد فاخر