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  • With 15 companies and 3 SBU officially started operating in 2016
  • Activ in the field of logistics, e-commerce, and trade
  • A comprehensive network of value exchange between people, government, and the goods and services provider
  • The mission is to shape and lead the Fakher ecosystem by innovating and developing a value network in the target market
Fakher Holding

Fakher Holding has been established with the mission of formation and management of Fakher ecosystem and strategic management of her subsidiaries and affiliates. Fakher holding is determined to create new businesses and develop appropriate infrastructure, to form a comprehensive exchange of values among people, government and suppliers of goods and services.

  • A 60-years-old company
  • The founder of the door to door delivery in Iran
  • Send thousands of packages nationwide daily
  • With 500 Branches in Iran and 3700 employee

a 60-year-old company, is the founder of the door to door delivery in Iran. Tipax has always strived to improve its customers' safety by using modern technologies and providing practical solutions for businesses. Digital transformations at Tipax have made it the only Courier Service Company to receive a knowledge-based certificate and continue its path based on the latest technology. Tipax delivers nearly 100,000 packages daily throughout Iran. 

  • Production of exhibition and office decorations
  • Focus on artistic quality and the use of new technologies
  • The annual production capacity of 38,000 square meters and 120 tons of wood and metal parts

was established in 1990 to create a culture of using new decoration systems, office spaces, and designing and producing prefabricated decoration systems in Iran. In 1991, Octiran signed a contract under German company Octanorm, one of the companies producing decorative systems in the world. In the same year, having received technical knowledge from Octanorm, samples created according to the European DIN standard were sent to Germany for final approval. After obtaining confirmation in Iran, sample production began.

  • The first and largest provider of fulfillment services in Iran
  • Has a domestic and international distribution network
  • Business logistics assistant with shared storage space
  • Helps online businesses to increase productivity and agility

was established in 2018 due to the growing problems and needs of e-commerce businesses in the logistics sector. The primary purpose of EFA is to provide additional services to e-commerce businesses.

  • The first private postal operator in Iran
  • Has an integrated and scalable network of postal activists
  • Creating new postal services and synergy among activists
  • Developer market size and capacity and per capita growth of shipments

was established to implement Article 44 of the Constitution in the postal industry and the National Post Company of Irans' statute in the second half of 2019. "Postaval" has an integrated, expandable, and efficient network of postal activists and effective communications between its members, which, with precise architecture, will lead to standardization, improvement, quality improvement, and quantity of postal services. 

  • International courier and cargo by sending shipments and freight to all parts of the world
  • The possibility of instant and online price inquiries
  • Provider of integrated technology-based digital services
  • Providing consulting services to customers and business owners

is a group of skilled and experienced people in the field of international goods transportation industry from/to Iran, which formed to provide express service to our compatriots in Iran and abroad. T-Express is one of the International Cargo and Courier Service companies in Iran, which has an extensive network and a wide range of various services, up-to-date infrastructure, and international postal services worldwide.

  • started operating in 2017
  • provide integrated information technology services in the field of the post, logistics, financial post, and transportation
  • The comprehensiveness of IT services: solution, infrastructure, platform, tools, opportunities, and business model
  • The quality of IT services: efficiency, effectiveness, performance appraisal, and optimization

TiTec has been operating with the partnership of Tosan and Fakher Holding since 2017, and the company's goal is to provide integrated IT services in the fields of post, logistics, financial post and transportation

  • Business Logistics Assistant
  • With a fixed price in 22 districts of Tehran
  • Use trained couriers with a flexible settlement system
  • Collected and delivered up to three times a day

is a startup in the field of " Urban Transportation" in Tehran. it is one of Fakher Holding subsidiaries and has been established since 2018. Tinext, with a fleet of 100 staff members, is the only company in the field of urban transportation that provides same day and next day delivery for businesses that need to send consignments to their customers and audiences on a regular basis. 

  • The first mechanized and fully automatic shipment analysis hub in Iran
  • Isolation and classification of nearly 70,000 packages per day
  • Ship splitting capacity up to 8000 packages per hour
  • Focus on speed, quality, and fidelity in parcel delivery

was launched in 2018 and is the first mechanized and fully automatic hub in Iran. The hub was equipped with the latest technology by Beumer, a German company, and set up to sort and distribute postal items. T-Hub can sort 8000 parcels per hour.

  • Specialized and comprehensive platform for the wood industry and decoration
  • Introducing quality products from reputable Iranian and foreign brands
  • Providing a suitable platform for buying and selling new and second-hand machines
  • Provide technical advice and easier access to the service market
Khooger Plus

is the first online platform for transactions among businesses in Iran's wood and furniture industry. This company has enabled the manufacturers and suppliers of wood and furniture industries to create and manage a permanent exhibition of their products in the online market since 2018. On the other hand, consumers can get goods they need from their best suppliers in the country without any brokers on time. 

  • Specialized media for furniture and decoration
  • Disseminate the knowledge and experience of architects and interior designers
  • Presenting the latest achievements of the world's leading brands
  • Tips for decorating different spaces
Khooger News

is a media for furniture and decoration. In Khogar News, business news, technology and innovation in the fields of furniture and decoration are mentioned, and those interested in this field can access reading materials, including history of furniture and decoration, shopping guides and lifestyle. Khogar News is a media platform for linking Iran's furniture and decoration ecosystem with today's world. 

  • Logistics software service provider
  • A platform to support start-up businesses in the field of logistics
  • Logistics company infrastructure planning to facilitate the process
  • Material management, material flow systems, and physical distribution
Logistic Bazar

established in 2018, is a business platform in the field of ICT services and products in the logistics industry. Intending to improve productivity and develop new technologies in the logistics industry, Logistics Bazar seeks to facilitate communication between ICT product manufacturers and services and its consumers in the logistic business. Furthermore, introducing investment opportunities in IT-based technologies and Providing logistic software products and services, developing standards, and communication protocols are some of these platform activities.

  • Exclusive representative of Pepe Jeans, Lion of Porches, and Pablosky in Iran
  • Emphasis on originality, high quality, and customer orientation
  • Focus on the behavior and classification of Iranian society
  • Supporting Iranian culture in national production
Mehan Poush

started its business in 2012 as a professional retailer in the Iranian market. This company focused on Iranian society's behavior and classification to identify the market with experts' help. It has been able to import brands such as Pepe Jeans, Lion of Porches, and Pablosky to Iran, and in line with holding's new policies, the production of clothes was top of the agenda of this company. 

  • Shared workspace
  • Birthplace of Fakher holding businesses
  • Possibility of exploiting the existing infrastructure in the holding
  • Accelerates the growth and development of business ideas
Nona Studio

Nona Studio is the birthplace of holding businesses which will provide businesses with a shared work space for piloting products and services in primary market. Nona Studio has made it possible to use the existing infrastructure of Fakher Holding, such as monitoring, consulting, information technology, finance and branding. In this space, each team will be able to develop synergy, stimulate growth and learn from each other's lessons by attending and working together.

  • The first and the largest online furniture store in Iran
  • The sales representative of more than 400 furniture industry suppliers
  • Offering quality goods from top domestic and foreign manufacturers
  • Sell more than 20,000 products online.

"Khoger" The largest online furniture store was formed in 2013 with the idea of selling furniture and interior decoration products online, but since online sales were not very common at that time, its activities were limited. Gradually, there was a considerable improvement in online business infrastructure and online sales sites in Iran, and Khogar grew and was able to officially start its work in 2017. Khogar Comprehensive Platform is a combination of large online stores of furniture products that puts together manufacturers and suppliers of this industry in direct and two-way communication with consumers.